Product Safety Disclaimer

Attic Arcana is not responsible for any injury sustained from appropriate use or misuse of any of our products. Our products are not meant to be consumed in any way. If an item arrives broken, please contact Attic Arcana immediately (as stated in Shipping and Refund policies).

Our dice and affiliated products have sharp edges and come in a variety of sizes. Dice are made from EnvirotexLite Epoxy Resin. They may pose a risk to children, animals, or anyone if ingested, as they are a choking hazard, as well as a digestive hazard. They should not be ingested under any circumstances. When finished using, put dice back in the appropriate carrying container/bag, extinguish candle flames, or otherwise put away products as to keep them out of reach in any way that might break them or lead to accidental harm. Attic Arcana waives all liability to injury caused by misuse, accidental or intentional, of our products.