Attic Arcana offers dice commissions using our existing mold designs for custom handmade dice!


While we are taking custom orders, we are still currently building out this page! We hope to showcase a vast array of possibilities. In the mean time, if you would like to place a custom order, reach out to us via our site or by email at We would be more than happy to work with you!
  • Provide Us With A Theme

    Themes can include color schemes, mood boards, character sketches, and more. What is the source of inspiration for getting your dice made?

  • Choose A Mold

    Our seven piece set commissions come in either our Attic Arcana Apothecary or Lich King's Lair mold families. Molds cannot be mixed and matched.

  • Confirm Intricacies

    We'll have a conversation, typically over message or email, about the look, inclusions, and more regarding your commission. Details will be settled here.

How does pricing a commission work?

Pricing dice commissions can be difficult down to the dollar, given the endless possibilities of what can be done. Inclusions are often the most versatile part of dice making. Inks, flowers, fibers, foils, and more, can vary in price based on bulk or retail purchasing, the ease of sourcing, and more. When a client asks us for a specific look or feel, we offer them a variety of ideas.

Dice sets begin at $90, and this covers basic materials (mostly resin) and labor. It also allows for us to remake the set should something go wrong during the process.

Difficult techniques, or added steps, such as commissioning blanks or text wrapping, add to the cost as they take extra work and a longer production time.

Commissions will be quoted by us prior to beginning.